California Asian Art Auction California Asian Art Auction
 Dec. 15, 2013  Dec. 15, 2013

 Lot # 2 
A SET OF RED CORAL JEWELRY WITH 14K GOLD SETTINGS    14K珊瑚項鏈,戒指,耳環 掛墜各一個 共重46克

  • Dimension: Beads from 5 mm to 6 mm Total Weight: 46 g
  • Estimate From: $2000
  • Estimate To: $2500

The coral jewelry set includes a coral bead strand necklace, bead size 5 mm to 6 mm, a red coral ring, bead length 9.7 mm, a red coral bead brooch, bead length 12.5 mm, and a pair of red coral earrings, all with 14k yellow gold setting.