California Asian Art Auction California Asian Art Auction
 Dec. 15, 2013  Dec. 15, 2013

 Lot # 18 

  • Dimension: D: 1 1/8 in (2.9 cm) Weight: 16 g
  • Estimate From: $3000
  • Estimate To: $3500

An image of a sunburst superimposed over the sacred Ya ta no Kagami mirror is displayed in the center of the obverse. The state title of Japan is written from right to left along the left rim of the coin as “Great Japan”, while the date “Meiji 30 Year” (1897) is written in the same direction and extends from the upper to the right periphery. Written at the bottom of the obverse is the Japanese value “Twenty Yen”. All three of the legends are separated from each other by small Government Seals. The Imperial Seal of Japan is featured at the very top of the reverse. Directly below it is the value, inscribed vertically as “Twenty Yen”. A wreath starts at the bottom of the coin and extends up both sides of the reverse before ending near the Imperial Seal.