California Asian Art Auction California Asian Art Auction
 July 15, 2023  July 15, 2023

 Lot # 1022 

  • Dimension: Height: 16 in (40.6 cm) Width: 7 5/8 in (19.4 cm)
  • Estimate From: $2500
  • Estimate To: $3500

Of square form, each side worked with an openwork and repousse design featuring the scene of the Buddha teaching the dharma, above a plinth with each side worked in openwork with four seated buddha, all surmounted by a separate section comprising four ear-shaped panels covered with buddhist scenes, the center a domed base with a single hole for the stupa which is formed by a series of loose graduated discs. Tang Dynasty period. It is said that in the the Kingdom of Wuyue's ruler, Qian Chu, followed the example of the Indian Prince Ashoka who commissioned 84,000 stupa to enshrine the sacred relics of the cremated Buddha. A related example can be found in Zhejiang Provincial Museum, excavated from the 'Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda' site in Jinhua, Zhejiang.

可參考浙江金華市萬佛塔出土的五代銅鎏金阿育王塔, 浙江博物館藏 來源: 該藏品源自於美國新澤西州的日裔藝術家Higashi Norio先生的私人收藏。早年,他繼承了家族在日本的收藏,並在1960年代移民美國之前將其帶到了美國。
Provenance: From the estate of late Mr. Norio Higashi, New Jersey. Mr. Higashi inherited most of his collection from his family based in Japan in the early years before immigrating to the USA in the 1960s..