California Asian Art Auction California Asian Art Auction
 Oct. 14, 2023  Oct. 14, 2023

 Lot # 1025 

  • Dimension: Height: 10 3/4 in (27.3 cm) Diameter: 8 5/8 in (21.9 cm)
  • Estimate From: $30000
  • Estimate To: $50000

The central bulb cast in relief with a pair of taotie masks with bulging eyes among scrollwork decorations, set between a pair of raised lines on tall flaring neck and spreading foot cast, the bronze with the patina of warm greenish brown tone, the interior of the base cast with six characters. Late Shang/Early Western Zhou Dynasty period.

來源: 紐約重要私人收藏, 購於1992年以前敞口,束頸,鼓腹,高圈足外撇。腹部雕刻饕餮紋,紋飾靜素,內有銘文,器形古樸。此花觚造型優美大方,雕琢精細,線條流暢,是一件陳設收藏的佳器。可比較此尊相同造型青銅尊,收藏于華盛頓佛利爾美術館, 藏品號S1987.283 (圖1), 以及一相似西周前期青銅饕餮紋尊,收藏于京都泉屋博古舘(圖2)。類似拍賣市場成交拍品,可參考紐約蘇富比成交青銅尊, 2022年3月23日,Lot 236,成交價705,600 USD.(圖3.)
Provenance: Important private collection, New York City, acquired prior to 1992.Compare a similar flared archaic bronze zun in the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. also with taotie set between concentric bands, Accession Number S1987.283. (Image 1), and a similar bronze zun vessel dated to early Western Zhou dynasty, in the collection of Sen-Oku Hakuko Kan Museum, Kyoto (image 2). Also compare a similar bronze zun vessel sold in Sotheby's New York, Lot 236, March 2022, realized price 705,600 USD (Image 3).