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Request FREE Appraisal 免費評估

The first step to consignment is a FREE appraisal of the your items, either by submitting information and photos online, bringing items to our auction office, or arrange on-site appraisal. There is no obligation to consign after the appraisal. Click here for "Consignment/Appraisal form.

首先我們會對委託人想要寄售的拍品進行免費的評估。您可以通過上傳照片和相關文件的方式、攜帶您的拍品到我們的拍賣行,或我們前去貴方進行現場評估。您沒有義務在評估之後必須寄售。 點擊此處填寫寄售/評估申請表

Commission Rate and Other Fees 酬金率和其他費用

The commission rate for seller is decided on a case-by-case scenario, and normally ranges from 15% to 20%.


After the Auction 拍賣結束

All prices can be viewed online in real-time at Liveauctioneers. Settlement checks will be sent out 35 days after auction, with detailed commission cost and other expenses.

所有拍品的賣價可以實時在 Liveauctioneers 上看到。結算支票和佣金明細將在拍賣結束35天後寄出。

For large collections and for items of exceptional quality, commission rate is negotiable